O365 Overview

When you first open your Office 365 (O365) account, you will be taken to your main apps Launchpad.  This shows a list of all the apps you can use in your O365 account, including your email, calendar, and OneDrive. Click on one of the apps to get started.

onedrive overview 

Then, use the apps launcher to jump from one app to another, quickly.

apps launcher 


Your OneDrive is an online USB stick, where you can store documents, presentations, pictures and more.  You have a full Terabyte of storage, which is 1000 Gigabytes. Huge! 

 onedrive in the app launcher

Create New Documents and Folders

Create +New Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote files here, and instantly get to work.  Create Folders to help you organize your work. Upload documents from your computer using the upload feature.

expanded selections in new option in onedrive 

Search for Documents

No need to worry about where you put a document. Just use the Search box to find what you are looking for.

search feature 

Sync your Folders to your Desktop

Sync your documents to your computer if you're worried about the Wi-Fi dropping, or if you'll be printing often.  This makes a local copy of your OneDrive, on your computer. Any changes you make appear in your OneDrive and your Sync at the same time.

sync option 


Your email is your central communication hub. With it, you can talk directly to classmates, your teachers, and the staff at the college. 

email in apps launcher 


Your email is your college communication hub. 

A.  Create and send new emails to faculty and classmates. 

B.  Check your Inbox for a new message, and see a preview of the first sentence or two of the message. 

C.  Use the search box to search for an email you've received (even if its been deleted within the last 30 days!)

D.  Click on an email to read it in the email window.

 email overview

Reply to an Email

Create +New email or use the down arrow to create email, calendar events, or groups. Delete, Archive, and sort email into your Junk or other Folders using the quick action buttons.

new email option 

Create Email Folders

Organize your emails by building different Folders. Click Folders to reveal the plus sign.

create email folder 

Search your Email

Find emails or contacts quickly using the Search box.

email search 

Create a Group in Outlook

Collaborate with your teammates when writing documents, creating spreadsheets, working on project plans, scheduling meetings or sending email.

  1. Open Outlook from your account.
  2. Right side navigation pane, Select + Create

navigation pane 

  1. Choose the type of group you want to create. (Standard Group)

select standard group 

  1. In Choose a name, enter a group name that briefly captures the spirit of the group
  2. A suggested group ID is provided. To assign a different name to your group which will be part of the group URL, click Edit  next to the Group ID box. (If you see "not available," the group ID is already in use. Try something different. Note that once you choose a group ID, it cannot be changed).
  3. In Add a description, enter a detailed description of the group to help others understand its purpose. This description will be included in the welcome email when others join the group
  4. In Privacy, do one of the following:

      To create a group in which anyone within your organization can view its content and become a member, select Public.

    • To create a group in which membership requires approval by a group owner and only members can view group content, select Private

  5. To enable subscribed members to receive email and calendar event notifications in both their group inbox and personal inbox, select Send copies of all group messages and events to members' inboxes.
  6. Select Create.

Standard group infield 


Use the Apps Launcher to jump to your calendar to schedule your timetable, book study groups, and schedule meetings with faculty members.

calendar in app launcher 


Your account comes with a default calendar built for you. 

A.  Quick action options include +New (events), Add calendar, Share, or Print the calendar.

B.  Change the calendar's view between your Day, Work Week, Week, Month or Today. 

C.  Use the mini-calendar to navigate to other months or years.  Find the names of all your available calendars below the mini-calendar, and click to display that calendar. Displayed calendars will be highlighted.

calendar overview 

Create Events

To create an event on the calendar, use the +new  button. You can add a new calendar event, email message, or birthday event.  Choose one, and input the required information into the fields.

You can also add events to a particular date by clicking on that date.  This will change the view to the day view, and you can click and drag to select the time of the event.  Then add the details to the event in the pop up boxcreate events

Add Calendars

Build additional calendars by using the Add calendar option. Choose from a blank secondary calendar, which you can build as you see fit, or pre-populated holiday calendars or interesting calendars.  The calendar will appear in the list below your mini-calendar, Click to have it appear in the main calendar view.

add calendars 

Share a Calendar

Share your calendar to classmates by using the Share option.  Choose whether to share your default calendar, or another calendar. In the sharing window, choose who to share with by typing the person's name. Click Send to complete the calendar sharing.

share a calendar 

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