Find Your Condor ID

Your Condor ID is your first initial, and last name.  Variations can occur if you share a name with a current college employee. For example, if there were two John Smiths at the college, the second would be jsmith1.

Your email is formed by joining your Condor ID and the suffix.

Examples of Condor ID and Passwords

Employee Number Default ​​Password ​Email Condor ID    

Full-Time Employees

Your Employee number will be generated once your signed Offer of Employment is received by Human Resources. This may take up to two weeks to complete.

  1. Log into the Employee Portal​, using your employee number in the Employee ID/Condor ID field and the default password.
  2. ​Click the Human Resources tab.
  3. Click the Contact tab.
  4. Scroll down to Work Address Details.. Next to Email Address,​ you will find your Condor ID.  You can also find your extension number, if it is set up.
  5. Log out of the Employee Portal, and log back in, using your Condor ID. Make sure it's working correctly.
  6. Change your default password and setup your password recovery.
  7. Go to the IT Support area to learn about your email, portals and more.

username in employee portal 

Part-Time Employees

Your email will be created 48 hours after your contract is approved. 

  1. Log into the Employee Portal​ with your contract information.
  2. ​Click the Contracts tab.
  3. Click the Contact tab.
  4. In the Email Address box,​ you will find your work email. Your Condor ID is the first portion of your email address (everything before the @ sign). 
  5. Log out of MyConestoga, and log back in, using your Condor ID and default password.  
  6. Change your default password and setup your password recovery.
  7. Go to the IT Support area to learn about your email, portals and more.

Part-time staff

Your Default Password

The default format for your password is Cc and your Employee numberfound on your ONEcard or on your contract.   

Secure Password Criteria

When you log in the first time, you will be prompted to change your password. You will need to change your password every 3 months.  You can not re-use the same password within a 12 month period.

All Passwords MUST:

    • ​​Be between 8 and 16 characters in length.
    • Contain at least 1 uppercase letter.
    • Contain at least 1 lowercase letter.
    • Contain at least 1 number.

Passwords MUST NOT:​

    • Contain any part of your first or last name.​

Need Help?

Contact the IT Service Desk, or call 519-748-5220 ext. 3444.