What is VMware Horizon View?

Horizon view allows you to simulate using a different computer and its software (or view)  while using the PC in front of you.  It is especially valuable when you need to run specialized software in your classroom, or for our remote campuses.

Download VMware Horizon View

The first time you use the VMware, you may need to download and install it.  Check your Start Menu, and search "VMWare" to determine whether you have it installed or not.

If you do, continue to Get Connected.

If you do not, go to the Downloads page, and check out the VMware download instructions.

Get Connected

First, you must be connected to the Wi-Fi or wired into the college Internet. 

  1. In your computer's Start menu, search for "VMware".
  2. Click to open VMware View Client from the results.start menu, first result Vmware view client
  3. In the program window that opens, check the box next to "Log in as current user."
  4. Select Connect. If prompted, enter your Condor ID and password.select connect
  5. Select the appropriate view. If you aren't sure which view to use, check out the Available Views section for more info.

select the appropriate view 

The view will take a few seconds to load. You should now be able to use the view as you would with any other computer. 

Please make sure you do not log off or shut down your view. Instead, close your session by clicking the X on the view window.

Use Horizon View from Home or a Remote Campus

  1. Start by going to the VPN Portal. 
  2. Login using your Condor ID and password.
  3. On the V.P.N. main page, scroll to the bottom.
  4. Under Virtual Desktops, choose the view you'd like to work with.
  5. A window may appear, which asks "Do you want to download, install, and/or execute software from the following server?"  Choose Always.
  6. Wait while the download occurs. Your view will begin, and you can use the view as you would any other computer.

Choosing a view may result in a red X, and an error message reading: "To log on to this remote computer, you must be granted the Allow log on through Terminal Services Right." This means you do not have access to this view and should choose another.  Please contact IT Service Desk if you should have access to it, but do not.

Available Views

The views available to you will reflect your role at the college.  Student views will appear similar to the computers in the labs.  Faculty and staff views can be customized to suit various needs.  If you need a view with particular software, contact the IT Service Desk to request this.

​Classrooms & Open Access Labs ​Computer the View Replicates
​1B20​Doon B Wing Classrooms
​1C20​Doon B Wing Classrooms
​1C26 ​Doon C Wing Classrooms
​1C3Doon C Wing Open Access Lab
​1C5​Doon C Wing Open Access Lab
​1C7​Doon C Wing Classroom
​Brantford Student PCsBrantford Campus PCs
​Cambridge LRC PCs​Learning Resource Centre PCs (Cambridge)
​LRC​Learning Resource Centre PCs (Doon)
​Student Views  Computer the View Replicates
​APFM P6 Pro PCs ​Food Management Design PCs
​BAHIS Tools ​BAHIS Tools 
​Camb MSE PCs ​Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical Systems Engineering PCs
​Health Sciences Meditech​Health Informatics PCs
​IELTS XP PC  ​IELTS Windows XP testing PCs
​Legal 2015​Office Admin – Legal & Paralegal PCs
Faculty & Staff Views ​Computer the View Replicates
​CC Faculty PCs​Faculty PCs – all campuses
​CC Staff PCs​Staff PCs – all campuses
​General ​General use

Office 2016 PCs 

​Office 2016 test use for Faculty/Staff
​​InfoSilem Test PCs​InfoSilem course timetabling and scheduling contractors
​System Win 7 PCs​PCs for IM – Systems Staff
​Systems XP Dev PCs​PCs for IM – Systems Staff
​WebDev PCs​PCs for Web Dev Team

Need Help?

Contact the IT Service Desk, or call 519.748.5220 ext. 3444.