Other common questions

I need to login for the first time but don't know my user name or password.

I got locked out/need a new password but don't have the self serve security set up.

I've reset my password but it still says I'm locked out! What's going on?
You probably have a device trying to connect to wifi using your old credentials. or you have an old password cached by your browser that needs to be cleared (external site).

Most of the college systems can be accessed with your Condor ID, which is authenticated by Microsoft.  So even though you are signing in as myname@conestogac.on.ca, it is a Microsoft based server that is validating who you are and what you can access.  Because of this partnership, we are able to use Microsoft's robust multi-factor authentication system and their self-serve password reset.

To enable this, you first have to log in and set up your security settings through Microsoft.

Step 1: Logging in to Microsoft Security

(a): Go to https://mysignins.microsoft.com/security-info and login with your Conestoga email and Password

screenshot logging in step 1
screenshot logging in step 1b

(b): It does not matter if you choose to stay signed in or not

screenshot logging in step 2

Step 2: Configuring your authentication methods.  

This means the ways in which Microsoft will confirm that you are you when you try to reset your password. 

You will have to add at least 1 method of authentication. We recommend using at least 2 methods, and 3-4 is encouraged, if possible.

Authenticator App

(a): You will be brought to a page asking you to add a method. In this step, we will look at the Authenticator App.

screenshot authenticator app step a

(b): Click on "Add method" outlined in red in the previous screenshot. The default option is "Authenticator app", click "Add". (image)

screenshot authenticator app step b

(c): Follow the instructions in the pop-up to download the Authenticator app. You can also click on the "Download now" link to get step-by-step instructions. (image)

screenshot authenticator app step c

(d): Continue following the steps, in the app, choose to allow notifications, then click the + button in the top right corner of the app, and select "Work or School" account. (image x 3)

screenshot authenticator app step d
screenshot authenticator app step d2
screenshot authenticator app step d3

 (e): You will be shown a QR code on your display, you have to scan this QR code with your phone's camera. (image - need to block/blur the QR code)

screenshot authenticator app step e

(f): You will see your account listed in the app. (image)

screenshot authenticator app step f

(g): Click “Next” on your desktop to verify the setup. Then you will be prompted to approve the notification in the app. (image x2)

screenshot authenticator app step g
screenshot authenticator app step g2

(h): The pop-up on the desktop will show that the notification is approved, click “Next”. (image)

screenshot authenticator app step h

(i): You will see the Authenticator app added as a method. (image)

screenshot authenticator app step i
Phone Authentication 

(a): Add a second method by clicking on the "Add method" button, then choosing "Phone". (image)

screenshot phone step a

(b): Select Canada as the country, and then enter your cellphone number, and click “Next”. (image)

screenshot phone step b

(c): Enter the code that was sent to your phone. (image)

screenshot phone step c

(d): You will be notified that adding the phone was successful. (image)

screenshot phone step d
Email authentication

(a): Add another method, "Email", then click "Add". (image)

screenshot email step a

 (b): Enter your personal email address, then click “Next”. (image)

screenshot email step b

 (c): Enter the code that was sent to your email, it may take a few minutes to show up, then click "Next". (image)

screenshot email step c

(d): You will see that your email address was added to the list of authentication methods. (image)

screenshot email step d
Security Questions

(a): Add another authentication method and choose "Security Questions". (image)

screenshot questions step a

(b): Select and fill out the 4 questions, then click "Done". (image)

screenshot questions step b

 (c): You will see security questions added to the list. (image)

screenshot questions step c


You have completed the combined setup of Azure Self-Service Password Reset and Multi-Factor Authentication, congratulations! You can now reset your password at any time without having to contact IT at https://passwordreset.microsoftonline.com/. If your account is detected as having suspicious activity, you will be prompted to enter an SMS code or approve a notification on your mobile device in order to login.