Qualtrics Survey Software Guide

Conestoga College offers the Qualtrics Survey tool to faculty, staff and students. It is an easy-to-use, full-featured web-based survey tool for creating and administering online surveys. To get an account, simply send a request to institutionalresearch@conestogac.on.ca. Students will need a Conestoga staff or faculty member to request accounts on their behalf.

Features include:

  1. Survey library with customizable templates.
  2. Send and track participation invitations and reminders
  3. Display survey results, graphically and statistically.
  4. Export data in a variety of formats including CSV.

Log in to Qualtrics:

  • Go to conestoga.qualtrics.com
  • First-time users will log in using their Condor ID, after your account has been created by institutional research.

Creating a Survey

  1. After you log in to Qualtrics, click Create ProjectCreate project
  2. Select Blank Survey Project, enter the Name of the survey and click Create ProjectName blank project

Adding Questions

The main area of the Survey tab is the survey editor. Here you can create or edit individual questions.

Add questions

Learn more about question setting and look & feel of your questionnaire here.

Creating a Contact list

A contact list is a mailing list that has been entered or uploaded into Qualtrics. Qualtrics has three options for building a contact list:

  1. Add contacts manually by typing them out 
  2. Import contacts from CSV file
  3. Import contacts from a survey

Importing Contacts from CSV File:

  1. Create a spreadsheet in Excel, save the file as a CSV format. Note that the maximum file size is 100MB.
  2. Add a column titles (FirstName, LastName, Email). Note that order of columns doesn't matter. however, pay attention to spelling and capitalization. Column Titles
  3. Navigate to the Contacts tab (top right of the Qualtrics interface), and click the Create Contact List button (top-right).
  4. Drag and drop your file or click Browse and select your file. (Remember, CSV format is the only one supported by file uploads.)
  5. Review the fields (columns) that Qualtrics detected in your file. If errors are noted, make sure that you have an “Email” and “FirstName” field assigned to applicable fields in your file – you might have to assign these manually using the “Fields” dropdowns.
    Add Contact

Survey Distribution

Once you have built your survey, you can use the Distribution Tab to gather responses. You can choose from emailing to QR codes, posting via social media sites or email.


Quick and Easy Link

The quickest way to send out your survey is to create an anonymous link, which you can send in an email to your respondents, or post it online. Just keep in mind that an anonymous link gives you no way to track who has participated. You will need to ask for people to disclose their identity in your survey if you need to connect with them or send them a prize; and if you send out a reminder, you'll have to send it to everyone you've invited, even if they've already finished. For these reasons, if you can, we typically recommend you use a contact list to distribute your survey.

Emailing a Survey invitation

  1. Navigate to the Distribution module.Distribution Module
  2. Open the Emails section and click Compose Email.
  3. Click Select Contacts.Select Contacts
  4. Choose the library where your contacts are located.
  5. Select the appropriate contact list. You can choose to send the emails to your entire list or an individual member.
  6. From Address, From Name and Reply-To Email will be populated by default. You can change the From Address to your Conestoga email account if you wish.
    Do not change From Address

Distribution Summary:

The distribution tab provides an overview of your collected responses for a survey. Your responses are broken down by distribution channel, with an interactive graph displaying recent response trends and a table showing all responses collected so far.Distribution summary

Data Analysis:

The Data & Analysis tab allows you to manage, add information to and analyze individual responses on your survey. Data and analysis

Learn more about the Qualtrics Survey tool and its functionality by following this link. www.qualtrics.com/support

Need Help?

Contact the IT Service Desk, or call 519-748-5220 ext. 3444.