About your Email

All students and employees are provided with an Office365 (O365) email account.  O365 accounts are hosted by Microsoft and include:

  • 100 GB of email storage
  • 1 TB of document storage in your OneDrive.
  • Document sharing and collaboration with other students using Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.
Your email is formed with your Condor ID and the @conestogac.on.ca suffix.  Your password is the one you use with your Condor ID.

Download the app

Add the Outlook app to your Android or iOS device.

Outlook for AndroidOutlook for iOSOutlook for iOS

Please note the built-in mail apps on your device are no longer supported.

Learn more about your Office 365 account.

On a Desktop

Access your email through the IT Home area on this site.

IT home menu

You can also access your email using the direct link on the Conestoga home page.

Office 365 sign in through Conestoga home page 

On the page that opens, choose Student Email (Office 365).  Sign in with your email and password.

Student email (O365) 

For Employees

All full-time employees are provided with an Office 365 account.  This account may be accessed using either Outlook Desktop software, the online app, or the mobile app.

To sign in to Outlook Software

  1. Open your computer's Start Menu
  2. Search for the program "Outlook" by typing it in the Search bar
  3. Double-click Outlook to open the program. 
  4. When Outlook opens, you will automatically be guided through the process of setting up your inbox.  Use your Conestoga email address and password to sign in.

Learn how to use your new email

Use the Microsoft 365 Outlook help & learning website to learn about your Office 365 (O365) email account. 

Your Account Expiry 


Your email and Condor ID accounts are maintained until graduation, withdrawal, or course-completion.  

​Account Disabled ​Account Deleted (Post-Conclusion)
​Full-Time Student​120 days​150  ( 120+30 ) days 
​Con-Ed Student​30 days​120  ( 30 + 90 ) days
​De-Registered Student7 days after de-registration.14 ( 7 + 7 ) days


Your account will be available until your employment with the College concludes.  The below table provides more information.

​Account Disabled​Account Deleted (Post-Conclusion)
​Full-Time Employee​Day of ​30 Days
​Contract Employee​Day of​30 Days
​Contract Academic Employee​120 Days​360 Days

Need Help?

Contact the IT Service Desk, or call 519-748-5220 ext. 3444.