New Printer Rollout Plan

​Projected Rollout
​Week of July 83065 King, ​University Gates, ​DTK (49 Fredrick), DTK (1 Young), 800 King Kitchener, ​332 Marland Waterloo, 139 Dearborn Waterloo, ​Parkhill Milton, Steeles Milton, ​IELTS, Guelph, ​Guelph Riverside.
Week of July 15
​150 Main Street Cambridge, Grand Innovation Cambridge, Reuter, Cambridge (850 Fountain), ​Stratford, ​Ingersoll.
Week of July 22
​150 Aviation Brantford, 175 Aviation Brantford, ​220 Clarence Brantford, ​274 Colborne Brantford, ​50 Wellington Brantford.
Week of July 29
Doon Wing A, Waterloo.
Week of Aug 5
Doon Wing B, ​C, ​D, ​E, ​F.
​Week of Aug 12
​Doon Rec Center, Doon Toyota Power Eng Center, ​Doon Welcome Center, ​Doon ATS Renovation, Doon ECE, ​Doon Woodworking Center Reno, ​Doon Dutton Powerhouse.
Week of Aug 19
​Doon TSB Building, ​Masonry Center Waterloo, Roofing Waterloo.
​Week of Aug 26​Remaining HP printers.

Printing Guidelines

Listed below are several guidelines for printing on campus. These guidelines are also posted next to lab printers.

  • All printing must be school-related.
  • All Conestoga College students start with 40 non-refundable print credits.
  • This Print Balance renews at the beginning of every term.
  • Maximum print job size is 100 print pages (100 pages single-sided prints, 50 pages double-sided prints)
  • The maximum number of copies per print job is 4.
  •  All printers will default to double sided duplex, black/white/grayscale
  • Where possible, practice paper conservation:
    • Use double-sided printing
    • Print multiple pages on a single sheet

All print jobs are recorded. Conestoga College reserves the right to restrict a user's printing if inappropriate printing is occurring.

Large print jobs - Please see Conestoga Printing Services for information.

Printing Rates/Copying

All students are allotted 40 non-refundable print credits at the beginning of each term. Once your non-refundable print credits reach ZERO, print charges will start deducting from your CONDOR CASH (ONECARD) account.

To continue printing, add funds to your ONE Card.

Listed below are paper sizes and the charges for printing/copying.

Size Color Grayscale Colour Duplex Grayscale Duplex
$0.05$0.10 (each side)$0.04 (each side)
$0.05$0.10 (each side)$0.04 (each side)
Ledger (11x17)$0.25
$0.10$0.20 (each side)$0.08 (each side)
Default (Other Sizes)$0.25
$0.10$0.20 (each side)$0.08 (each side)
Plots$1.00/sq. meter

How to Check Your Print Balance

Please complete the following steps to check your current Print Balance

  1. Go to the Conestoga College Print Portal (only available on campus or with a VPN connection).
  2. Log in using your Conestoga Email and Password.
  3. Your Balance will be displayed on the main page.

Use Mobility Print on your Laptop

If you would like to use Mobility Print please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and follow the instructions on the screen.
  2. Download the Mobility Print Printer Setup file
  3. Select Condor Printing [FIND_ME_PRINT]:

select mobility printer 

4. Continue with the setup process by pressing next and when prompted login with your CONDOR ID and password.

insert condor Id n password 

5. This will install the software on your device.

The copier uses secure print and jobs need to be released by tapping your ONE Card on the card reader on the copier or by logging in on the touch screen using your Conestoga username and password.

To use the scan to email and copying functions, please tap your ONE Card or login to the copier with your Conestoga username and password and follow the instructions on the touch screen of the copier. 

How to Increase your Print Credits

Once your Non-Refundable Print Credits reach ZERO – print charges will start deducting from your CONDOR CASH (ONECARD) account.

To continue printing, add funds to your ONECARD

Employee Department Printers

How to connect to Condor Printing

Note: Printers can only be added on campus. Printers cannot be added or accessed while connected to the VPN.

Step 1: Press Windows Key + R to open the Run window.

Step 2: Type in \\find_me_print and click OK.

The list of all available printers should appear within the File Explorer window.

Step 3: Double-click the Condor Printing printer name to install and add to your laptop/computer.


When printing, ensure you have the following “Condor Printing on find_me_print” selected under the Print settings.

Ordering Toner Cartridges for Office Use

To order a toner cartridge for office use, please send the request to IT Services with the Printer Model and/or Toner/Ink Cartridge Number. Include the colour ink/toner if the request is for a colour printer. The cartridge(s) will be delivered via Shipping and Receiving.

Need Help?

Contact the IT Service Desk, or call 519-748-5220, ext. 3444.