Remember to sign out or restart the PC when done.

Do not shut down the PC.

Step 1. You must have Ivanti Secure VPN client installed before using a remote lab computer. Visit Off-Campus Access for instructions on installing and configuring the Ivanti Secure VPN client.

Step 2. For macOS users only. You will need to download the free Microsoft Remote Client app from the Apple app store.

Step 3. Visit the Remote Computer Lab page.

Step 4. Select an Open Access Lab. Only available PCs will be listed.

Step 5. Click Connect to start the download the RDP file for the PC you selected.
Screenshot step 4

Step 6. Click Download and open the connection file
Screenshot step 5

After the file has downloaded -> Open File Screenshot step 5b

Step 7. Select Connect
Screenshot step 6

If the default name is not correct -> select More choices, Use a different account
Screenshot step 6b

Step 8. Login with your full username: along with your password

You should now be remotely connected to a College Lab PC.
Screenshot step 7

Step 9. Remember to sign out or restart the PC when done. Do not shut down the PC.