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Remote Computer Lab Access

Remote computer labs access is available for some classes

Your instructor will need to provide IT with a class list and the lab room number to access remotely.

Step 1: You must have Pulse Secure VPN client installed before using a remote lab computer. Please visit for instructions on installing and configuring the Pulse Secure VPN client.

Step 2: Access the Remote Computer Lab webpage (

Step 3: Select the lab which has been assigned to your class:
Screenshot step 3

Only available PCs will be listed.

Step 4: Click Connect to start the download the RDP file for the PC you selected.
Screenshot step 4

Step 5: Click Download and open the connection file
Screenshot step 5

After the file has downloaded -> Open File Screenshot step 5b

Step 6: Select Connect
Screenshot step 6

If the default name is not correct -> select More choices, Use a different account
Screenshot step 6b

Step 7: Login with your full username: along with your password

You should now be remotely connected to a College Lab PC.
Screenshot step 7

Step 8: Remember to sign out or restart the PC when done.

Do not shut down the PC.