Getting Access To SIS

To access SIS, a manager, director, or chair, or their administrative support staff on their behalf will send an email to Enterprise Solutions Support. This email should request access to SIS on behalf of any newly hired or transitioned support staff member. If sent on behalf of a supervisor, manager, or director, the relevant admin staff should be cc'ed on the email request.  This email can be sent prior to the Support Staff commencing employment, and access will be set to activate on the first day of employment.

IT personnel requires the email to state:
• The first day the access should activate.
• The name of the Support Staff member being added.
• The role they are stepping into, or the Support Staff member they are replacing.
• Any other conditions or exceptions to their access.

For example, an appropriate email may communicate the following information:
“As of March 1st, 2016, [Support Staff A] will be replacing [Support Staff B] in their Admissions Clerk position.  All permissions for [Support Staff B] should be the same, and extended to include access to [Tab area].”

Connecting to SIS for the First Time

To connect to SIS, use your Condor ID and Password.  Add it to your Favourites or Bookmarks, if you will access it often.  It is important to note that this method will not connect from off-campus locations.

Connecting to SIS from Off-Campus

To connect to SIS from off-campus, you will first need to log in to the Pulse Secure VPN client.  The step by step instructions for downloading, installing and configuration of the VPN client are available on the Working From Home tab on the IT Support page.

Once you've logged in to Pulse Secure/VPN, you can now access SIS from any web browser.
If you are still having trouble with your SIS access, please contact the IT Service desk via our virtual chat service to help troubleshoot.

Overview of SIS

The SIS environment will appear differently to you, based on your permission access.  Your permission access may include some or most of the following Tabs. Click the Tab Name to jump to that information set.
• Persons
• Admissions
• Program
• Course
• Reports
• Tools
• Awards
• Admin – for IT staff and SIS administrators only.

Once clicked into the Tab, you will be presented with the Tab Contents, including a Sidebar and Workspace.    

The Sidebar

This is where you will actively “drill down” to locate the information level you want to access.  Each heading level presented to you is clickable and will open a new set of information.

The Workspace

This is the area where you will be able to locate, add, or edit information.  You can make changes and apply them, and these will be updated

Overview of Tabs and their Functions

This section will go over each of the Tabbed Sections, and what information is covered within them. For specific How-To’s, see the Quick Guides included in the IT Site.


The Persons Tab is available to all staff with access to SIS.  In this area, you can find information related to particular employees, students, and applicants.  *There is a unique search function accessible only to the Career Centre staff. 

The Persons Tab is most frequently used by all staff when looking for information about a particular student or employee.  In this Tab, use a person’s Name, ID Number, Contract Number, or Application Number to search for and change information relating to:

A. That Person’s individual information, including basic info, addresses, notes, records of communication, visa applications, fees, login, holds management, disability services, and additional documents.
B. Their Applicant Info, which includes historical records of their applications, supporting documents, grades, educational data, student activities, equivalency grades, test scores, and information sessions attended.    

  • By drilling further down to the Application level, find information about specific programs applied to, the assessment Scheduling, and Communication Logs.   
  • In the Program level, find the Ranking Criteria, Program Requirements, Application Status History and Communication Log for this applicant’s consideration for program entry.

C. Their Student Info, which includes the Student Program Overview, Fees Details, Fees Totals, Absences, Add Student Program, Add Continuing Education, Transfer Credits, Achievement, Degree Audit, and their T2202.   

  • Select the Program level to locate info about Student Program Session Overviews, Pre-Register a Student, Exempt Student, Cohort Standing History, Academic Awards, and Progress Report.    
  • The Session Level allows you to view an Overview, Add Courses, see Student Status History, Method of Study History, Manage Student Fees for this session, Student Bursaries, Academic Blocks, and Audit History. Selecting one of these options may lead to additional options being presented.   
  • At the Course level, find info about specific courses in which the student is registered.

D. Their Employment Info, including Contract Info (part-time), Grouped Contracts, Contract Dates & Defaults, Contract Rollovers, Teaching History, SAT’s, SWF Sessions, and Absences/Cancellations.    

  • If the employee has never taught full time, there will be no further levels.  However, if they have, there will be additional levels including the Academic Year, Session and Classes this employee has taught.
  • You can generate historical Contract Info, and explore Contract Header, Account Distribution, Salary Details, Salary Adjustments, Status History and Audit History for this faculty member.

Admissions Tab

The Admissions Tab covers reports, correspondence generating, information session planning and deadline monitoring for pre-admission students. 
It is most frequently used by Admissions Staff, Financial Aid, and the Assessment Testing offices.

Program Tab

The Program Tab contains information relating to specific programs offered within the College. Use a Program name or number to manage or view information related to that Program’s Yearly offerings, Campus Offerings, Cohorts, Levels, and Courses.
It is most frequently used by the Admissions, CSI, Curriculum, Activities, and Financial Aid offices.

Course Tab

The Course Tab contains information relating to specific courses offered by Schools. Use a Course name or Title to manage or view information related to that Course’s School Affiliations, Course Versions, Course Sections, Course Component Type (meets), and Faculty assigned to the Meet. 
It is most frequently used by Curriculum, Activities, and Registrar Records.

Reports Tab

The Reports tab allows you to generate reports on a variety of information sets held in SIS.  You will be able to choose from the reports you have access to and can schedule regular report generations to be delivered to your email inbox.  If you require a report, but do not see it available in the Reports tab, request the report you would like by emailing Enterprise Solutions Support with the specifics of your request.

Tools Tab

The Tools Tab contains specialized tools to prompt information pulls and generate reports. Use the Tools Hierarchy to locate the type of report you are looking for.  Reports can be viewed or generated automatically via email. However, stopping automatically generated reports requires a request, emailed to Enterprise Solutions Support.

Awards Tab

The Awards tab allows you to view and manage scholarships, awards, and bursaries issued by the College.  Search by the Award Code and name, if known, or use the Advanced Search to locate the award or bursary.  Use the Add Award option to generate a newly sponsored award.

Need Help?

Contact Enterprise Solutions Support for SIS help.