Check your Room's Set Up

What does your classroom or lab look like?  View several photos of the room and read about the Hardware and Software specs.  

Request specific software by emailing the IT Service Desk

classroom set up Classroom Set Up

lab set up Lab Set Up

  1. In the window that opens, select your campus.  
  2. Find your room in the list.  You can use Ctrl+F (​+F on a Mac) to search the page. 
  3. Click the name of the room to see the available specs and pictures of the room.

Your Room Type will be a Standard Room, a BYOD classroom, or an Active Learning Classroom

Read the Description to determine if your room has an interactive projectorLearn to use these innovative projectors.

Standard Rooms

Most podiums use Toggle Controls.  Push a button to turn these on or off. 
extron toggle controls


Press to turn the Display On/Off.  Turn this on first. The ON light will stop flashing when it is ready.

Rooms with interactive projectors have the option to turn Touch On/Off. Wait until the projector is fully started before turning the touch on.


Increase or decrease the volume of the room's speakers.  Conduct an Audio Check before using the room's audio.


This lets you control what the projector displays.  Click through for tutorials on how to connect to each source.

Conduct an Audio Check

To finish preparing to use the podium, complete a three step audio check.


  1. Check the AV Mute button on the toggle controls.  This should not be flashing.
  2. Set the Volume Control to an appropriate level (2 or 3 lights).
  3. Check the Amplifier, if available. It is located to the side of the podium, and has several volume knobs.  Make sure it is ON, and that the AUX is set to 10.

If you continue to have audio issues, use the room's phone to contact the IT Service Desk.

BYOD Rooms

BYOD rooms match a Standard Room set up, but have additional outlets. 

Active Learning Rooms

These classrooms have a unique desk layout to encourage student collaboration.  Reach out to Professional Development for training on using these rooms.   

Except for 1D01, 2D01, 1D02 and 2D02, these rooms follow a Standard Room setup.


The Lighting Controls

Customize the lighting in your Active Learning Classroom by using the touch lighting panels.


Unique Podium Controls

The touch screen controls in 1D01, 2D01, 1D02 and 2D02 have a similar functionality, but different operation than Standard Rooms.​ 

the podium - extron touch controls

A. Display On/Off – Touch to turn Projector on or off.  

B. Video Source Options - in order, from left to right.

  • Wi-Fi Presents– Wireless Display (no software required).
  • Laptop - HDMI only (you may require an adapter for your laptop).
  • DVD/VCR - if available.
  • PC 
  • AV Mute – if lit, your display and audio are not displayed, but still running.

C. Volume Control – Volume indicator will pop up, displaying volume level.  Adjust to suit.

Video and audio work best from a wired connection.  Use your laptop or the PC, rather than the Wi-Fi Presents display option.

Need Help?

 Contact the IT Service Desk, or call 519.748.5220 ext. 3444.​