BYOD at Conestoga

Conestoga encourages a Bring Your Own Device model here at the college. This means you can bring whatever laptop, tablet or mobile device you have, to use on campus. Please note that the IT Service Desk will be extremely limited in the support it can provide regarding personal devices.

Conestoga Issued Mobile Devices

Conestoga IT Services provides laptops and tablets for subsets of employees.  If you are eligible you can request a new device via this form

Getting Started with your Mobile Device at Conestoga

Office 365 is already installed on most Conestoga-issued devices. If it is not installed on yours, please follow the instructions on the Downloads page. Microsoft Teams will automatically install from the cloud on the Conestoga-issued device. It can take a few hours and might require a reboot to finish. 

Pulse Secure VPN setup instructions can be found on the working from home page. 

Zoom setup instructions and other resources can be found on our Zoom Meetings page.

Adobe Creative Cloud is available for free to all registered full-time students. Find more information on our Adobe Creative Cloud page.

Employees are eligible to request access to Adobe software. If you are not already approved for Adobe access, you can request access by completing the Adobe Access Request form and having it approved by your direct supervisor.

Any other software you need may be listed on the Downloads page as well.

On-Campus Desktop Computers

Conestoga College also has desktop computers on campus in different roles.  In general, they will have the following set up in advance.

Office 365

Your computer is equipped with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Visio, and Publisher. For support on using this software, consult Microsoft's support site, and click on the icon for the software you are learning.

Media Player

We use VLC Media Player, a versatile video and audio player, as our software to launch DVDs, .mp3's and more. For support and troubleshooting using VLC Media Player, consult VLC's support site.

Easy Interactive Whiteboard

Available in classrooms with Interactive Whiteboards (any classroom with a DVP model 595wi), this software lets you use your projected screen as a tablet and draw and annotate on-screen. Check out our support page to get started using Easy Interactive Whiteboard software.

Doing multiple choice quizzes using bubble sheets? Use DataLink Connect to score the test results and generate reports to submit in eConestoga. Check out our support page to get started using DataLink Connect.

Faronics Insight (Lab Monitoring)

We use Faronics Insight to allow faculty to monitor student activity on lab computers during class. Download this user manual to get started using the software.

Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser application that locks down the testing environment within eConestoga. Check out our support page to get started using Respondus LockDown Browser.

Request Specialized Software

If licensing permits, specialized software can be requested for installation on college-issued computers. Request the software by emailing the IT Service Desk, detailing the software you need and providing evidence of any manager or Chair's approval.

Downloading Software or Adding it to your Home Computer

Work from home often? Need to get a new copy of Microsoft Office or Adobe? Looking for SolidWorks or DreamSpark? Check out the Downloads page to learn what software is available for you to download for no or at a low cost from the college.

Get Training on your Computer's Software

Throughout the year, you can request training for any of the software issued on your desktop or classroom computers. Contact Professional Development to arrange your training or find out about upcoming training events.

Need Help?

Email the IT Service Desk, or call 519.748.5220 ext. 3444