Helpful links for Learning at Home


Login link:

The hub for all of your course work including tests and lectures. This will be where you go to interact with your classes and instructors.

Login Information

You can log in with your Condor email address and password. More information about your Condor ID and password can be found here:

Support Resources

The best place to get support for issues with eConestoga would be your faculty member.              

If you are unable to login, please contact the IT Service Desk. If you are having technical issues inside of eConestoga, you should contact the dedicated eConestoga Support team.              

Adobe Software

Information about accessing Adobe Creative Cloud on your personal devices can be found here:

Office 365

Information about downloading Office 365 on your personal devices can be found here:

Software Downloads

Instructions for installing or accessing various software provided by the College can be found here:

Ivanti Secure VPN

The Ivanti Secure VPN client allows you to get access to various College systems including your Network Shared Drives (S:/K: Drive), as well as Remote Lab Access.

Information about obtaining and setting up the VPN client can be found here:

AVD - Azure Virtual Desktop

AVD is used to access virtual desktops and applications. AVD allows Conestoga students, staff, and faculty access to software anywhere and anytime.

Instructions for accessing and using AVD can be found here:

Remote Lab Access

Remote Lab Access allows you to access Conestoga computer labs remotely. This allows you to connect to and use software as if you were sitting in the computer lab.

Instructions for accessing and using Remote Lab Access can be found here: